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Urban Schools and Urban Students Need Urban Solutions Ethnic Study from an Urban Perspective

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Our urban schools have and are failing our urban students. Why? Because that what it is designed to do. They don't respect our children. They don't respect our communities. They only see the "perceived" deficits. Not the obvious assets. Endurance. Resilience. Commitment. Courage. So, when you see the drop out rates and the graduation rates, don't be surprised. Is it "White Supremacy"? Is it racism? Maybe. Or maybe it's good people who just don't no better? Unconscious bias. Maybe. Over 77% of the teachers who teach children of color are white. Most. I believe, are good people. They just don't have the culturally relevant resources to do what's best for urban children. Ethnic Study from the perspective of those who are impacted the most by social injustices. Children and communities of color.

Those who didn't grow up in urban environments really don't have any idea of what its like. Listening to rap music doesn't make you an expert regarding urban life. It's like trying to explain the cold of Chicago winters to people who live in California or Florida. They just can't understand. Unless you've lived it, experienced it, you can't know it. That's why the schools and their resources i.e. books, staff training, ect. will always miss the mark. They don't understand that it takes a lot of courage and conviction to survive and thrive in our communities. That it builds your character. That there are a lot of good people who do good things everyday in our communities. That there are "history makers and stereo type breakers" who come from these environments.

So I ask you to join this "Education Revolution". It's time to bring the culturally relevant resources and materials into schools and students who need it most. Resources that will value their experiences. But also hold them personally accountable. The current educational systems in our urban schools are doing exactly what they were created to do. Create a "School to Prison Pipeline". Now is the time to change that system. UrbanEdSolution is the how. Join Now.

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