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This curriculum is based on the research of famous Behaviorist, Lawrence Kohlberg, Harvard Professor. Therefore the elements of character development and critical thinking is intergrated throughout. The book is approx. 300 pages in length and mostly written in poetry (the language of today's youth).  It is easy to read and to follow. The curriculum is reality based. It deals with mature themes such as gangs, death, violence, crime etc.. It incorporates videos, art, service learning opportunities, individual and group activities throughout. Although Teacher Guide provides most of the answers, the teacher is encouraged to take advantage of his/her experiences to add to the learning. The goal of this curriculum is to identify negative behaviors and work through a sciencetific process (through critical thinking) to change that behavior. Suggest for grades 7 - 12.

Tragedy to Triumph/Critical Thinking Teacher Guide (250 pgs)

  • Customers may view/download free "sample lesson plans" (see link under Urban/Ethnic study).

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